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Staff Profiles

Tony Quinn – Co-Owner/Director

Tony has had a long history dealing in trades and trade sales. Starting his working life as an apprentice plumber many years ago in Sydney, his working life has involved sales and management in many industries in both Australia and Papua New Guinea.

He has been involved in plumbing supplies, general hardware, whitegoods, electrical wholesale and liquor sales.

Settling in Cairns many years ago he entered the HVAC, Insulation, Plastering and Ceiling fixing industry with A&B Mintec Pty Ltd which by a random turn of events was in the same premises and industry as Oz Air & Insulation currently occupies.

When not working he enjoys time with his family and cycling, being involved in many charity cycling events throughout the year and penning a local cycling newsletter.

‘No matter where my career has taken me the constant that I have enjoyed is working with tradies and a little bit of retail and I wouldn’t have it any other way’ he says.

Antonia Quinn - Co-owner/Company Secretary

She could be known as the ‘secret staff member’, as Antonia is rarely seen during trading hours as she also has her own demanding day job. However after hours she puts in an incredible amount of work making sure everything balances and the bills are paid as well as having a big part in all other business decisions.

Antonia is a true Cairns local having graduated from St Monica’s College and has a double degree in HR and International Business Management.

When not working at Oz Air & Insulation or her day job she enjoys time with family, studying the property market and managing several properties for family and friends.

Like the old saying goes, ‘If you want something done, give it to a busy person’.

Nathan Kerr - Sales Executive and General Offsider

Although Nathan was born in Sydney he can still call himself a local having done both his primary and secondary schooling in Cairns.

Since commencing his work life Nathan has always been employed in some part of the building industry.

He has worked in the Air Conditioning and Insulation industry for many years, initially with A&B Mintec, then with Bradflo and now with Oz Air & Insulation.

He originally started out in the warehouse as a storeman , moving to sales and customer service and eventually becoming my right hand man and jack of all trades.

When not working he has a strong interest and vast knowledge in most sports and all sorts of music.

Vanessa Loudon - Admin Officer

Growing up in the Cairns region and with close family established in the building industry, Vanessa has seen over 30 years of expansion and changes within this industry.

Naturally with this family history, Vanessa’s employment has focused predominantly in the building industry. Initially starting her working life as a first a receptionist then a property manager with a few local real estate companies to service controller/service manager in pest control and receptionist/admin officer for an air conditioning company, Vanessa has now settled in as Oz Air & Insulation’ resident admin officer.

Vanessa’s bright and friendly nature is essential to providing exceptional customer service in all areas of her life…both at work and after hours in her role as Recruitment & Promotions Manager for the social motorcycle group, “Coral Coast Riders”.

As one of 3 rider admins for Coral Coast Riders, Vanessa organises monthly social rides, supervises learner riders and helps managae the motorcycle support team for charity cycling events and several local triathlons, including Cairns Ironman & 70.3. She has been instrumental in bringing the metal health awareness-raising motorcycle ride, Black Dog Ride 1 Dayer to Cairns as well as helping raise thousands of dollars in funding for many local charitable organisations.

In her spare time, Vanessa takes time out with her family – husband, 3 adult children and 2 dogs.

Vanessa’s motto is: “Life is for living; get out there amongst it!”

Alan Erskine – Warehouse and Inventory Manager

The retirement of Don back in August 2021 was never going to be an easy role to fill. After extensive applicants and interviews Alan came to us, just when we were getting disheartened, and we are happy to say he fitted in perfectly.

Alan hails from Scotland very near the famous St Andrews golf course and lucky for us came to Australia and fell in love with a beautiful Australian girl.

They married, purchased a pug, and the rest as they say, is history.

In his spare time, he loves following both English and Scottish football and can be seen many nights a week playing the indoor version of the game around town.

Tony Griffiths

One of the two Tonys at Oz Air & Insulation, Tony G joined our Team back in November 2021 as a salesman.

Being locally born and bred, Tony has over 30 years of sales experience and customer service in the Cairns trade industry under his belt.

On the weekends he loves to watch his favourite football team, Liverpool FC, and is also a keen fisherman, when he gets a chance.

Tony loves to escape to his hideaway in the Tablelands and just chill.

Luke Quinn - IT Guy

Luke is another one of our secret ‘behind the scenes ‘ helpers who have helped so much with the success of our business.

Whilst having his own retail management career he has managed to work for Oz Air & Insulation in his spare time for little more than food and board.

Luke is our computer guru doing things such as keeping the network up and running, installing software, putting together email newsletters and much much more.

Always doing it with a smile on his face whilst usually shaking his head and saying’ what have you done to your computer now Dad’? His favourite saying is ‘have you tried turning it off and on again?’



Don Wight – Storeman/Handyman Extraordinaire

Don Weight – Gone But not Gone.

After being such a crucial part of the Oz Air & Insulation team for many years, Don finally retired back in August 2021.

However, we were not going to let him get away that easy.

So far, he has returned and helped us out many times as a super casual and I’m sure he’ll still be making appearances for a while to come.

When not in Cairns he can be found in the town of Millaa Millaa where he has obtained celebrity status for his starring role in the “Come to Quinny’s” TV add.

I would also like to use this page to thank the many other volunteers, sub-contractors, advisors and consultants who have all played such a massive role growing our business.

I could go on for ever naming names but I’m sure you all know who you are.


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